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My amateurish - and frankly laughable - take on love & relationships, the games that people play, the way too many seek out cheap thrills and offer empty promises to fill their boots / sew their seed etc etc etc, ad nauseum.

Love Refrain

Evil-minionby Ethel Twigg12 Jun 2015

Futile maiden voyage, riding the violent storm
a simple prayer offered to savour temporary bliss
we, the master and mistress of cold sheets
I awake alone, to your lingering scent
here in the abyss

In the living dream, where baying crowds gather
the nagging doubts in voices made ugly as pubescent whine
suckling their fill at the teat of contentment
gorging themselves on rent flesh and sinew
sweet relief at last, on heart they dine

Unbidden, unchecked yet molested into tired compliance
offering up our flesh as sacrifice in the hope to be freed
tangled and torn in a bed of chaotic misalignment
constricted by fear, frozen in pain yet conscious still
succumbing in ragged breaths, to the choking weed

A gentle heartbeat, a refrain in the song on the edge of hearing
morning mist rising from the detritus of bad dream
plunderers of hope and love, not fit for dog food, banished
beautiful, smouldering eyes gaze upon me hungrily
with racing heart, filling again with new life
the dank, murky chasms were never what they seemed.