Smiles in Dreams

Evil-minionby Ethel Twigg15 Jun 2015

A waterfall symphony through my soul, ebony locks flow
cascading over dainty shoulders of darling cream silk skin
she utters rich harmonics down through my core
in a voice, soft & hard, beautiful enough to complete me
alternately shattering and rebuilding my very essence
freedom to be, with no price besides love

Talk comes freely, as old friends and lovers
secrets shared in warmth, unencumbered by guilt or shame
faces flushing at unspoken, mutual fantasies and teasing
her diamond smile and luscious rose red lips
create dancing light, deep inside me
my sigh escapes me in a long, luxurious moment of release
blessed are the seekers of hearts brave and true
for they shall inherit the possibility of this

Exotic girl on foreign shores, sings to me and smiles in dreams
nimble quick, she deftly moves to sit astride me
and repay my cheekiness with a wide grin and simple kisses
no complicated pleasures these, beautiful in their innocence
Tough, yet tender, a heart forged from the unknown
quick wit and honour abound in a lithe vessel
commanding joy and overwhelming respect
Love, an additional welcome gift.