Settling in our Secret Garden

Evil-minionby Ethel Twigg22 Jun 2015

One too many journeys along dirt track roads
that left us travel weary, scarred
hardened our hearts to possibilities
filtering the light, till only washed out images remain
our companions a far cry from the all consuming love
that we deserve and crave

We settled for less than our hearts desires
routine and obligation, our chains
passion, innocence, optimism, joy our birthrights
dying by inches in a sea of tepid affection
choked almost to within an inch
withered stems, all that remains
of once proud and healthy blooms

Thoughts of being your second best
settling for me
I, a convenient bench in our secret garden
watching it slowly becoming a barren wasteland
roses left vulnerable to weeds and decay
at the hands of it's caretakers lukewarm heart

Thoughts of your being my second best
settling for you
for a love less than absolute, that burns yet flies
watching painful realisation settle on you
like toxic rain
as my own heart chokes on its own self loathing

There is no place for settling here in our secret garden
courage prevails
and we give one another that for which our hearts yearn
we take one single deep breath, a sip of resolve
and immerse in the pool
hidden yet accessible
to the brave, and true of heart and soul
to relish that first knowing flush
skin against skin
and the feel of you, deep inside you
surrounding, embracing heat
soft and moist, the dance of love
and days spent holding, talking and laughing
we offer ourselves up to the journey, together
hand in hand
No. Simply, walk away.