Dusty Little Bookshops

Evil-minionby Ethel Twigg29 Jun 2015

Dusty little bookshops
usually somewhere grim
corner of a railway bridge
or hidden in some back alley
in cities where no one cares
though battle weary, often charming
individual and alienated from progress

Dusty little bookshops
keepers of precious tomes
priceless treasures to a select few
swallowed by large chains
that readily offer happy endings
a currency for mediocrity
replete with chinless wonders
garish institutional decor
brightly coloured for the simpletons
chairs that swallow your children
wanking corners
where the terminally bored
go for their fix

We're losing the dusty little bookshops
their treasures will be lost to us soon
losing them to pretty pictures
inane ramblings, spoon fed to us
somewhere along the line
too many of us strayed
from appreciation for the power of the word
to cheap jollies through pretty baubles
and the desire to make mountains
from emotional holes