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Loosely based on an encounter I had at the savoy tea rooms in London.

The memory still makes me smile :)

Purple Haze

Evil-minionby Ethel Twigg20 Apr 2015

Your lavender dress lying in a heap
for all it's elegance
discarded by you as an unwelcome barrier
you're there
clawing, scratching, biting
pulling me into you
until I'm there
your eyes wide
lips parted and flushed cheeks
laboured breath hoarsely demanding
something that cannot be idly given
something precious and rare
more than a shared understanding
a smouldering fire on the verge
of violent and gut wrenching eruption
And as I savour every last moment of you
I know
that soon you will be gone
a rustle of silk
and passing scent
the memory of you
a fading purple haze