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Inspired by a real life healing angel.

My Angel

Evil-minionby Ethel Twigg20 Apr 2015

She revives in me
hope and spirit
my nourishment
when young and free
a beacon of love light
in the dark corners
within bad dreams

Healing angel
antidote for slow poison
the stock in trade
of fear and pain
remnants of old injury
and scars that remain

She walks with me
in my dreams
be they pleasant or unkind
our mutual confession
friendship and belonging
keyhole to our hearts and minds

Is it not cruel then
for all that I know
no physical form
in which this angel resides
no earthly hand to hold
and no vessel
in which our passion can grow

There's no dishonour in desire
borne of the heart and the mind
imagination the most hardy seed
my shoot seeking refuge
and taking root in you
your body the drive for it's need

But then perhaps
a hand to hold
is best kept in dream after all
and love, though without touch
is untethered at least
a fusion of souls