I am...

Evil-minionby Ethel Twigg20 Apr 2015

I am your anchor
your protector
your joy
and your friend
I am loyal
and incorruptible
your daily prompt
and challenge
without end
I am on fire for you
in love with you
in lust with you
and I am defined by me
I am your warmth
when you are cold
I am your puppy
playful, licking fun
and I am free
I am your reason
when life inflicts chaos
your boundaries
when you stumble
I am proud of you
and what I see within
I am proud that you are mine
but I am humble
I am the one
with whom you dream
of sharing your intimacy
I am the one
with whom you imagine
doing naughty things
I am the one
that kisses your tears
when the road brings you pain
I am the one
that loves the smell,
taste and touch of you
I am your soldier
your wings and your adventure
I am the one
that will always try for you
I am your rock
and I will test you
when you are naughty
I am the one
that will best you