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The whole dom/sub subculture is not something I could feel a part of. To me, dominance has it's place alongside equality, love and respect.

In the bedroom, some people like to be dominant and others like to be submissive.
My idea of what dominance is though, is based around natural characteristics...leadership, strength etc. Not things that can be taught or scripted without it descending into play acting.

However, that's just my opinion...

Becoming your sir

Evil-minionby Ethel Twigg20 Apr 2015

We passed through
loves first tender passions
the voyage of exploration
is now our fun
the fire burning intensely
now bedding in for the long run

Our hearts decided for us
that we shall be together
but we're learning who we are
within this dream
and the love for one another

Past the point of initial thoughts
we're finally free
of the shackles that bound
and expose our souls
be who we're supposed to be
within this whirlwind that we've found

Our boundaries are tested
examined and questioned
and you're slowly become my her
you open your body, mind, soul
and your heart to me
as I'm slowly becoming your sir