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I have a diverse group of friends, including many that are retirement age and beyond.
This is loosely based on something I've witnessed all too often. Loneliness but not the despairing kind of loneliness that brings despair...the type where the persons eyes light up as they recall their deceased loved one and you know that they are really just "marking time" until they join them.

Sad, but a very beautiful thought nonetheless. I haven't done it justice unfortunately.

Quiet hours

Evil-minionby Ethel Twigg20 Apr 2015

In the quiet hours his lips curl
as he remembers her
the girl
that was his world
his tombstone teeth
flash in the candle light
another sip of honeysuckle tea

The journey to her and those days
in fields of gold and waving amber
vast, impossible
and yet a single breath away
the memory of her
in his hazy old mind
fresh and warm
breathes new life
for now

That girl
of his dreams
with her dark flowing locks
and mischievous smile
cougar quick and care free
innocent and knowing
kind, beautiful eyes
of deepest blue
an embracing abyss
and precious heart

He lives with her memory now
but knows as sure as he has bones
that memories such as these
are the spark of our innermost souls
though the pain of her passing
and her whispered final love
he toasts his joy
and warm promise
of their holding hands again
one day soon.