Another Life

Evil-minionby Ethel Twigg20 Apr 2015

Another life, another time
another town in yet another country
moving from place to place
too afraid to stop
mustn't allow the darkness in
or the penny to drop

Another menu in another hotel
chosen by some nameless, faceless minion
star ratings apparently take the place
of home comforts and a “lived in” atmosphere
he craves jolly, friendly, memorable faces
in place of these plastic monstrosities
it doesn't do though, to question convention

Work hard, insane hours
do what is expected
they call on you for a reason
you whored your life for trinkets
too late perhaps for reflection
this life, these challenges
replace thoughts about the self
compassion has no home here
love stays on a shelf

That was another life, another time
he finally found his heart
love, compassion and a sense of me
he was assured, is an important part
He doesn't regret those days
the countries, the people, the food
and would perhaps like to visit there again
but as a man that is whole.