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All too common experience for people living in the country in Britain during WWII

Cottage Garden

Evil-minionby Ethel Twigg20 Apr 2015

Her heart becomes ever more tortured
as the time of his parting draws near
as weeds around a tenacious white flower
and dark clouds of sinister fear

Their hearts finally breaking
as they say their final farewell
hers wanting to shield and protect him
his ringing a knowing death knell

They share a last glimpse to hold deep in their hearts
two young faces locked in their pain
as he stumbles and drags his fearful young heels
from the cottage garden he wont see again

As the time passed she never let go
holding his face close to her broken young dreams
but the post came one day
took her breath away
and knew then what a broken heart means

The seasons passed as they always do
and part of her learned to let go
but some of the lines on her face kept a hold
of the perfect young man she once knew

She still lives in that old country cottage
still plants those tenacious white flowers
and knows that one day she will see him again
and pretends not to count down the hours