Evil-minionby Ethel Twigg20 Apr 2015

When I consider the narrowing spectrum
of "beauty" that mankind defined
of the girls and boys never called pretty
and damage we inflict on their minds

I know that what we are doing
is the meaning of actual sin
if they're an asshole then call them an asshole
not ugly because of their skin

To me a scar is not ugly
even those we carry inside
except when we use them to bludgeon
an already suffering pride

We all have the means to be wondrous
heroes in our lovers eyes
all it takes is love of the heart of the soul
of the people we often despise

There's no prize for being a doormat
or an evil, judgemental tool
but I'd rather be soft and get hurt every day
than a closed off, pretentious fool.

So wear what you are with dignity
it's the prettiest dress of them all
and ignore my amateur ramblings
I am just an irrelevant troll.