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Written for my daughter and an absent friend.

Come what may

Evil-minionby Ethel Twigg20 Apr 2015

As the eye of understanding retreats
to a place where no angel can be
An alien world of great mischief
chaotic, brutal and free

A leisurely stroll for the wicked
mocks the gruelling path of the brave
where ignorance chooses lives taken
only obedient minions are saved

But for all the indomitable hatred
and the vultures that circle the sands
there is love in abundance still present
in these blistered and war ravaged lands

There are not many of us left that are hardy
but we will fight with every last breath
of the love scented air that is in us
and our whispered prayers carry our death

A wandering soul will bear witness
random acts of love he will share
and know as we do that one day
the good will be free from despair

So I offer you this as my promise
in the hope you will wake up someday
I will never succumb to the nightmare
I will give you my strength come what may