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One of only a few happy childhood memories. We dug trenches around the wheels of dads car (in the days when you could still drive onto the beach).

When it came time to leave, the car got bogged down. He was rather annoyed!

Salt and vinegar

Evil-minionby Ethel Twigg20 Apr 2015

Salt and vinegar
on our chips
gritty sand
in uncomfortable bits
dug trenches
around the wheels on dads car
sun went down
tried to drive away
didn't get far

Dads purple face
betrays his annoyance
friendly helpers come
point and laugh at our conveyance
stranded like a half sunken metal whale
eventually extricated

Ice cream cones
and happy faces
bickering with bro
exploring new places
catching crabs
meant something different then
carrying our cheap nasty fishing nets
and watching the fishermen

Sea so cold
turned our bodies white
still swam anyway
well into the night
a chorus of snores
on the way home
a trip to the seaside
when I was young