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Walks with my beautiful little girl.

Long stride

Evil-minionby Ethel Twigg20 Apr 2015

He walks with a long fast stride
that she can run in
a voice inside him keeping time
left left left right left
mile after mile
hour after hour
she'd follow him anywhere
because she knows she is adored
his reason for waking
his everything

And as she falls behind a little ways
tiny legs struggling with the pace
he turns to check on her
joy and love spreads across her face
she's daddys girl and knows deep inside
she always will be

"cuddle up?" she asks hopefully
he is happy to oblige
eye to eye, nose to nose
plants a kiss between her eyes
he never denies those requests
treating each as a treasure found
tiny arms embrace him
more than their size reveals
kisses on her neck
raspberries blown in her ear
her delighted squeals

There will come a day when "cuddle up"
is neither feasible nor desired
a day when daddys pace will slow
he'll still be daddy, but tired
and he'll be keeping pace with her
a woman now
still his child
and he is proud