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Inspired by a picture of an elderly widow sat eating lunch with a picture of her deceased husband.

Lunch with a pal

Evil-minionby Ethel Twigg20 Apr 2015

They still talk these two
after all these years
no pointless angry exchanges
bitterness or tears
economy of words
the only hint
that much more is said
than is heard
shared memories of youthful passion
a warm blanket
for these now cold lonely nights
not so lonely though
with a lifetime of experiences
by her side
He doesn't answer back now
except inside her mind
but when you know someone
so completely
their voice can be the loudest
and the most distinct by miles
So she knows with certainty
what he'd have to say
when they sit together
now as they did, every day
Not just lovers
or names on a piece of paper
they were pals
and always will be.