Ancient Magick

Evil-minionby Ethel Twigg20 Apr 2015

They came for her one day
this girl so brave and different
isolated by her understanding
above and beyond theirs
primitive fools
beasts wielding tools
and sharp agricultural weapons
of fear and mistrust

She goes quietly with them
her heart of dignity and pride
a heavy shield
Speaking her truth quietly
fragile tears coursing
their unwelcome track on her young face
they condemn her anyway
their ears closed to reason
evil through ignorance

As she stands
waiting to be sent
from this life
her ending designed
by violent
and righteous peers
hiding behind the veil
their religion of death
her eyes lock with mine
across the ages
for a heartbeat
and the fog clears
the light of understanding
shines bright upon me

I know her
as she reaches out to me
she cannot be gone
if she is not forgotten
I do as she commands
Close my eyes
for a second
and I am there
with this witch of mine
her ancient magick
tying our fates, hearts and minds

I break her bonds
and unleash the wrath
of every girl like her
who paid with their life
for no more
than being special
and hands clasped
we cross the ages
She is safe
here now with me
this witch of mine
Joined as one love soul
our smouldering passion
the most ancient magick.