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Several themes in one:
An old friend

Three tears

Evil-minionby Ethel Twigg20 Apr 2015

Three tears, one each for the heartbreaks
whirlwind dances on ebony plinth
A fractured soul of an old wounded crusader
his withered time and lifted high

Silken petal buds, a crescent sun
angelic hands a crucible forms
the welcoming embrace of fresh blossom
deep yearning reaches out from the warmth

A spectral kiss
made flesh from stone
longing gripped within cold armour
the faint song resonating within my spirit
a tiny hope, like tiny hand
it's beauty all the more precious for its frail innocence

What then can be said of the beastly mechanics of it all?
beyond that there is beauty in the animal
when the raw power of lust and hunger and need
are companions of love, grace and tenderness

There is not a time and a place or a why for this
but a tissue paper husk of an understanding
As old as the hills and as pure as the first flower of womanhood
this thing that we have the honour of knowing