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To a not very nice person.

A fiend

Evil-minionby Ethel Twigg20 Apr 2015

In your mind you confuse strength with hostility
but deep down you know its not right
you could be consumed with love in your life
but you only know how to fight

There isn't any secret to the things that you do
you believe you're only equal if you're cruel
chances are you'll spend the remainder of your days
lonely - a miserable fool

no one can help you climb down from your little box
because you are simply afraid
you mock those who do things differently to you
now you're lying in the festering bed you made

grandstand your loud-mouth armour - if you must
no one begrudges the weak
comfort blankets (such as they are)
and we all have a soft spot for freaks

Of the two types of fool that exist in the world
the honest will always be king
your type though, leaves shit in their wake
and poison us with your stink

Please don't think that I hate you
when in truth I couldn't care less
but I owe it to me and the people I love
to understand: you are a mess

So go forth in short jerky movements
is the polite way of saying good bye
you can wound, you can bruise along your fiendish path
but you will be you till you die

Good luck with that