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Reflections on love, expectations and what not.

If I love you today

Evil-minionby Ethel Twigg21 Apr 2015

If I love you today
I will love you tomorrow too
not all hearts are so easily swayed
by pretty brittle things
keening their high pitched needs
like petulant kittens
thin as glass
and as insubstantial as smoke

Not all hearts are so willing
to dilute their passion
with meaningless rutting
or feign affection for temporary gain
like a tiny spark to an ever hungry ego
Some hearts bleed generously
and willingly for their soul mates
absorbing the bruises without complaint
seeking only enough sustenance
to survive

Some hearts crave chaotic fire
a boiling maelstrom
as if forged in the deepest hell
flesh slapping against flesh
teeth against tender places
whispered obscenities
and gentle declarations
but more than passions bounty
they crave their equal
and deserving friend