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More of the same stuff I think about after my PTSD counselling sessions.
Reminding my brain that I survived the experience is an important part of the healing process.

Remembering that there is a "me" outside the trauma, flashbacks and nightmares, that they were not able to touch has been one part of what kept me going for so long.

Another big (huge) part is my friends, their love and compassion.

I couldn't have even begun the healing process without them.

They tried to break me

Evil-minionby Ethel Twigg23 Apr 2015

They tried to break me
they weren't the first
in no time I was back in the saddle
I laughed at their worst

Now I can feel their poison
leaving me day by day
and look forward to the time
when the nightmares go away

They tried to break me
broke my bones
smashed my head
put holes in me
with their guns
but the me they tried to break
cannot be touched by hands
that me belongs to me
and my friends

They tried to break me
but they failed
I survived
I prevailed