A woman

Evil-minionby Ethel Twigg27 Apr 2015

Someone said there's a little girl
inside every womans mind
a part of her not battered or bruised
by the pedesis of life
remaining instead
innocent and beautiful
yet often mischievous with passion
untethered from pretension
sadness, pain
and cruel words, artfully spoken

The angel inside is truly strong
not the porcelain armour
false bravado or crude lance
of harsh and vulgar words
spat unthinkingly
but ancient strength tied
to beauty and innocence
that no earthly wound
can ever really harm or destroy

This child of the light inside
adept at seeking and recognising love
with it's sisters compassion and grace
will always be something of a mystery to us men
and though it is often hard to find
those of us with love in our hearts
will meet that inner child
on her terms and in her sacred place.