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My poem is a protest. It surely makes fun of the existing social norms against the LGBTQA .


Pz-avatarby Ayesha Khatoon10 Nov 2020

Like every other morning is today's.
When the sun stretched his arms, I straightened my back too.
I had to go to the bus stop to work.
No, not for busses exactly
Any crowded bus would do.
As People are my concern.
I look at the wall clock and
calculated enough time to make up.
So I start with the concealer,
I concealed my misfortune.
I face powdered their insulting stares.
I contour all the ugly names I have in beige.
This one blemish 'hijra' takes a minute everyday .
I highlighted my self esteem with golden.
Someone knocked on the door so I will have to make haste.
"Maiy aai" I shoot back in my voice, femino-musculine .
I put the blush on each of my cheek to make my unpretty smile tolerable.
I put kajal and then mascara in hope of altering my eyes into something
beautiful. I own a blue heaven, the cheapest one available.
It is time for my favourite item, the lipstick.
I put a dark red coloured lipstick , to overcoat nothing , this one is for me.
I have a Lakme 9 to 5 red coloured lipstick ,our baaji gave it to me.
And each time I apply it, the air smells of envy.
I enhance the lipstick with my lip gloss.
To mix it well, I press my lips together, firmly.
I adjusted my bindi on the forhead and my orange coloured bangles as the final touch.
When I see myself in the mirror for one last time, I couldn't help flowering.
I go to the bus stop at 7:00am to earn bread , to earn money.
I make-up every day.