Dunes of life

41cdbeb2622fa03a979444efcf89cba1by NOBODY 25 Jun 2020

Waters are covering
Surface of death

Empty sea shells on death coast
A naked women

A sand dunes are singing
At sensual storms

The texture of her body is
Melting at sea rain

The storm dark holes are fading
Into deep waves

Isolated passions
Around her waste

A sounds of drums
Tension is pulsing
In mute full mouth
Of death - whale -
On coast of death

The ships on horizon became

The end of storm
Framing my dreams

Women come in lights
She is playing on
Sea shell
Soundtrack of dunes
At sand
I am naked too
In sun
She is smiling at first
The seascape of life
At flesh
Of naked women
On beach
We are swimming on
Where life never die
At Dorset
Sea flow under cliffs
At sounds
Of singing sand dunes