Vanishing of farms

41cdbeb2622fa03a979444efcf89cba1by NOBODY 15 Jul 2020

Fields are empty and dry
At barns are not animals
In garden are death trees

Changing of traditions
Forward to mass -
Low prices and no -
Forward to hard work

Corpses of beautiful cows
Are in backyard of farm

Simple life - vanished in
Leaving of family tree
Roots are broken in soil

I can see them how they
Close down
At cheap selling of animal
Give up of own property
And soul
Forward to own debt-loan

All became empty and death
Exhausted and sold
What left are legends and
Empty fields of destroyed
A silence of dying farm's world

Over productions are killers
Of real farmers
Traditional landscape is
Falling into industrial zones
Countryside is turning
Recreation place for the rich
I can see them
How they are destroying
Last meaningful values at
Our lives
I sometimes wandering
This death landscape of
Our history
I sometimes wondering what
We are becoming
Who are we without our heart