Vanishing of 🐝

41cdbeb2622fa03a979444efcf89cba1by NOBODY 15 Jul 2020

Flying over own death
From flower to blossom
Across the sun and rain
Following of primal -
Wisdom in cycle of life

At cosmo - mosaic - of
Honey - propolis -
Female culture of reign
Useful and elegant -

Without them
There is no any fruit
Without them
There is no any veggie
Without them
There is no any honey
Without them
There is no live like
We know it -

They are vanishing
Without trace
No writing note
At empty bee hive

When they will be gone
We will be gone too

What we have done
Why this bees are leaving us

Maybe - it's last warn sign
Before - we all die in mass
Eruption of death oceans

We are parasites
On nature - sources
We are pesticides
On own harvesting
We are infections
In immunity system
Of honey bees -

They are leaving us
We destroying this -
Primal wisdom is -
Became free again