My weeding shirt

41cdbeb2622fa03a979444efcf89cba1by NOBODY 17 Jul 2020

wife bought me that
Shirt - made it from -
Irish - flannel -
When I were walked down
Wilderness of Scottish -
Shores and woodlands

That shirt became a symbol
Of our unity and true love
This shirt covered my heart

In sense of closed sea knot
I became - wanderer -
Who let his - anchor / -
To fall down into sweet shore
At Maryland of prophecy -

Our ceremony -
Take place in backyard of old house
More like garden party
Then -
Serious fashion show off
Children were ran -
At blooming cherry orchard
For joy and play

It's already 3 years
I still wearing that wedding shirt
Marriage it's our daily reality
Every dispute or joy

I washed that weeding shirt
Just in pure cold water
From our creek
This creek is running through
The granite rocks and birch's
This weeding shirt became
My shield
When i walking in night of
I still feeling our very first
Weeding kiss
There is endless meaning
At this Irish flannel shirt of
My first real connection to
You -