My wife wants to get pregnant

D65d5b14513b0ed13814be670af6296bby Lumberjack 08 Jan 2021

Lately my wife
Express her wish
To get pregnant
There is deep desire
At her voice
Vibrating - echoing -
At her inner dreams
Lately my wife

Truth is sometimes is
Can get too lonely
We know each other
Too well
Shadowing each other
In purpose of our love
Time to give and time
To lead
At our actions of love

Accept - something -
Someone -
Into our lives and hearts
Feel it real empathy
Forward to someone
Who is not affected
By our knowledge and
Experiences suffering

Every morning
We know
There is something missing
From our self
Some new revelation or spell
At form of child

We need it
Inhallate universal wisdom
Born from us
Something we don’t know
We feel it

I believe at my wife
I believe at our child
I believe at our love
I believe at our lives
I believe at our truth
I believe at our faith
I believe at my wife