We are watching T. V.

D65d5b14513b0ed13814be670af6296bby Lumberjack 09 Jan 2021

We are feel tired
So we are watching T . V.
There is some
Protest going on
People are shouting
They looks like zombies
On heroin
Completely out rages
Violent anti social
Hatred forward to
Unknown status quo
Some people
Have even shotguns
Drunken clowns
Empty - skulls
They are close to heart
Of empire
This is will not end
At happy tears

Trust me - blood will be
On the walls
Explosive devices will
Police is running from
That place
I hear them how they
Get another stand
Smashing of doors and windows
Stabbing of freedom
Into eyes of unjustice for all
This is too realistic

This is the end of -
Begging or end of ending
I really don’t know
Where is order and law -
For sure is not there
How about
If they will come over here
How I stop them
I don’t have even dogs
This is the real end
When we became hopeless
Nobody is ready when they
Are coming
This is the end of -