I can . . .

D65d5b14513b0ed13814be670af6296bby Lumberjack 11 Jan 2021

All the time
My hands are get out of my
Instead of creating
My hands are destroying
What - I am working on
My cursed words will not
Help me
There is dirty sound
Come in out of my voice
Anger is here with me
Wasted energy and time
I feel like
I have open hole at my chest
Burning me inside of my flesh
Pain is paralyzed me
Into empty emptiness
I want to run out of here
When all things are full of my

I need to believe
Maybe one day or one night
I can manage to control
My destructive emotions
I can finish all my projects
Without out bursts
I can stand strongly on my
Own feet
I can became really adult
I can erase my bad addictions
I can talk poetry for you
I can give my open hands
For any- one -
I can heal myself and I can
Heal you
I can at least dream about it