Heavy period .

D65d5b14513b0ed13814be670af6296bby Lumberjack 12 Jan 2021

My wife get again
Her heavy period
Mood swings and painful
Her voice is calling
For more love and
For more care - from my
Cursed moments are
Incredible hestitations
Comforting by my words
Can provide relive
At least for a while

Day goes like heavy pain
Bitter and cruel
On the end of heavy weight

To wake up in cold room
Don’t give too much hope
For happy ending in joy

This is not funny
Show - parade -
Cycles of crying
Loops of menstruation
Emotional desolation
Sleeping past is
Awaking what did not
Only what can prevail
Is our love and our -
Protective environment
Reading at each other
Some happy stories
Touching on ordinary
Spots of our skin
Just to feel real empathy
When all goes wrong
Just say few words
I still love you my love

It’s blue and it’s grey
It’s something what we will
Always have
It’s calming and it’s real
It’s opening in our sleeping
Eyes - it’s us -