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We are all connected. Your heart is a red drum.
"The Red Drum" by Cristina M. R. Norcross

The Red Drum

Author_photo1_cris_small_2013_by Cristina M. R. Norcross08 Jan 2015

The Red Drum
(Inspired by the writing of Stanley Kunitz)

Your heart – a red drum.
Taut leather bound
to the infinite shape of a circle,
seeks the music of other beating hearts.

Sound changes,
when a strong wind blows,
when the leather is rain-soaked,
when the sun makes the circle
jump into the light.

“I made this,”
says the drum.
Dreams take shape in the air,
with each, bellowing note.
“Now change it by living,”
says the drum’s stick.
Sing a new song.
“Truth –
Of thee I sing.”

Many more layers of change
bring syncopated rhythms,
ballads of longing,
and newly discovered voices.

Your heart is a red drum –
now crimson with passion,
tomorrow the sun makes it pink –
a tender, summer rose.
Sing your transformation to the world.
Beat the drum.
Beat the drum.
Beat the drum.

Cristina M. R. Norcross
Copyright 2008

Published in The Red Drum: Selected and New Poems (Lone Gull Press, 2013)
Audio file and video remix available at The Poetry Storehouse
“The Red Drum” inspired a short film by Marie Craven on Vimeo: