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Grieving for a loved one. Lost . Bereavement. saying goodbye.

The Butterfly

9739_10151425662096951_1990848444_nby Rishi Permanand26 Aug 2013

Today I buried my friend,
As someone else did theirs,
Today their pain has found its end,
I sent them off with tears.

Sorry for myself, and sad inside,
Crying because I lost a piece of me,
Stuff that I usually hide,
Is out for all to see.

What shall I take from this sad day?
Shall I recall only pain?
Or shall I hope, shall I pray,
That I will not feel this again?

I shall feel it as others will leave,
Other people in my life will die,
And I will suffer, I will grieve.
I will break down, I will cry.

This is not a good thing,
This day makes me doubt,
All this good living,
What's it all about?

Tears well up in my eyes again,
And in the world I see no beauty,
All I see is suffering and pain,
All I see is dark and ugly.

Grief causes me to alter my view,
All I can seem to do is cry,
Goodbye my dear friend, I'll miss you,
Till we meet again, send me a butterfly.