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Just a little reminder about the reality some of us face.

Kenya's Child

9739_10151425662096951_1990848444_nby Rishi Permanand29 Aug 2013

Kenya's Child

I awake tired still, with such pain,
Another night without any sleep,
A long day ahead, a long day again,
Pain outside, and pain in me, so deep.

I am a child, like so many others,
I am a child that has no voice to cry,
So many sisters, so many brothers,
So many will fall, so many will die.

I look for food where others fear,
I look for good in the eyes of a stranger,
I look but they do not care,
I look, all I see is danger.

My life may be short, may be long,
I have seen so many leave this place,
I cannot remember right, only wrong,
With only tears on my face.

Hunger and thirst is all I own,
While others live out their destiny,
I am so weak, just skin and bone,
I do not know what tomorrow will do to me.

I see the scorn, as people pass me by,
I am so weak to fight their hate,
I scream, but it is a pitiful cry,
Another night with empty plate.

People come from far away,
They bring hope and they bring a smile,
It makes me fight another day,
It makes me last a little while.

This land, with such rich culture,
So strangely beautiful, yet so wild,
I wish she could give me a future,
Because, all I am is Kenya's child

Rishi Permanand