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For anyone that has lost a child.

Hold My Hand (Goodbye Child)

9739_10151425662096951_1990848444_nby Rishi Permanand05 Sep 2013

"Father, I am weary this day,
And the night closes in on me,
Father, I hope and pray,
That your face is the first I see."

" Sleep my child, my everything,
And while you sleep you feel;
The beating of an Angel's wing,
Because,my child,angels are real."

"How do you know all these things?
How do you know things heavenly?
Is Heaven where an Angel sings,
But right now I am so sleepy."

"Let the darkness let you drift away,
Sleep child, all the good of me,
Sleep, you have had a hard day,
Sleep, my precious one, my baby."

"Father why are you crying?
You need to be so very strong,
Do not worry about me dying,
We knew this would come along."

"Oh, my brave child, how are you so?
Fearless, as the sleep takes you,
To a place where I cannot go,
Crying, is all I can really do."

"Do not cry for me, my pain is going,
I am not scared, so fear not for me,
It's an adventure not knowing,
I hope yours is the first face I see."

"Oh Child, I am not going with you,
I wish I could go in your place,
You are leaving me, nothing I can do,
And forever more I will see your face."

"Father, no more worrying, no crying,
I am going to where God has planned,
I cannot hold on, am tired of trying,
Father, please, hold my hand."