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Just another one for those who have lost.


9739_10151425662096951_1990848444_nby Rishi Permanand19 Sep 2013

You were here right beside me,
Suddenly,in a breath you were gone,
We were together, so very happy,
Suddenly, death had come.

You left me in this dark place,
With so many memories to keep,
Your smile, your laugh,your face,
If I close my eyes, will you visit my sleep?

I pray that I see you in my dreams,
Because you are not here as you should be,
I feel your touch in the sun beams,
That so softly and gently wake me.

The song in your heart, plays over in my mind,
And I know every single word,
Time to leave the sorrow behind,
And sing aloud the sweetest song ever heard.

I won't forget that you were taken,
I won't let your memory fade away,
And though my world was shaken,
I can never forget that day.

It made me believe in so much more,
So much more than I had ever done,
I always knew, but on that day I was sure,
Rest, sleep, never forgotten, and sadly gone.

Rishi Permanand