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A tribute to Nelson Mandela


9739_10151425662096951_1990848444_nby Rishi Permanand05 Dec 2013


Fight so hard and live so long,
Live so long and fight so hard,
Live to right all that went wrong,
Live a life battered, a soul scarred.
The smile is the true legacy,
The smile and wave on that day,
That day you were set free,
When you were ready to show us a new way.
You are a light that shone bright,
Even when kept away from the rainbow nation,
You still fought the good fight,
Despite unlawful incarceration.
A beacon of hope for all mankind,
Humanitarian, diplomat politician,
You left the pain behind,
On the day of your emancipation.
Tired and aged by a life uncertain,
Yet still a beacon to all that knew of you,
And as life draws its final curtain,
The world will remember that smile, so true.
Madiba, must go to rest at last,
The road has been hard and long,
And we will look back at our past,
We will lift our voices and sing your song.
The perseverance in your spirit,
Is something to which we should all aspire,
Faith and belief without any limit,
They tried so hard, but couldn't put out your fire.
So sleep, Father, Brother, Friend,
Rest well, and close your tired eyes,
Your life may have come to an end,
And the whole world still cries.
Brave warrior, loving leader, a man like any other,
You fought for her, and you won Madiba,
You fought and won your beloved Mother,
Your beloved and your grateful South Africa.
Rishi Permanand