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I dedicate this to someone who had suffered abuse throughout their life. A certain someone who chose to replace their humanity for something more mechanical in order to deal with it. It is a sad story of a person who dealt with life as gracefully as a ballerina in a music box, for those who took the time to lift the lid.

Bionic Ballerina

Meby Melissa Arnold28 Nov 2013

She has a few screws loose from the abuse of past years
Never talks but always hears, the gears between her ears
Endlessly twist and turn
She is silent not because of something you did, nor is she stupid
So tired, her body came with batteries not included
And no fuel to burn
Her steampunk heart—a metallic mysterious work of art
Has no spare part and a missing key is needed to start
Yet the pistons still churn
Past preprogramed chagrin and a phony porcelain grin
Exists a soul untouched by sin trapped beneath synthetic skin
So she will always yearn
But she remains locked in her music box world
Click twirl bionic ballerina girl click twirl
For she will never learn