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My belief that imagination is a spiritual gift.


Meby Melissa Arnold29 Nov 2013

My morning meditation—a musing of how and why in an unspoken soliloquy:

Why do Saturdays now hold for me a strange symmetry?
And how can our chemical connections defy the rules of chemistry?
And why would the laws of physics disappear when you’re physically near me?
All of these things have remained an unsolved mystery.

Until now, as I silently surrender to my Saturday and surmise
That while other's spend Sabbath searching skies,
Gathering in places where the only sound they hear are lies
And being saved is as simple as singing a song—
I have found that god was within me all along.

For behind these fluttering eyelids exists a land where dreams dance a jig
And no matter how old you grow, you will always be a kid.
A world the poor had sought and fought for but the rich wish to buy and bid
And I discovered it a day before they did.