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During the Hours is an ode to a loved one.

During the Hours

E0d9e00c4cec610fd0ecb395946f0916by Frances Livings09 Oct 2013

During the hours of daybreak
when I wake at the crack of dawn
I’ll follow the rhythm of your breath
feathery-soft on the nape of my neck
I’ll follow your every motion
in our cradle of slumber and peace
during the hours of daybreak
just before a new day’s released

During the hours of daylight
when the sun first blushes then shines
I’ll follow the pace of your footsteps
imprinting my soul and my mind
I’ll follow the sweetest melodies
of the words you softly sing
during the hours of daylight
just before the evening creeps in

During the hours of twilight
when the day settles to rest
I’ll follow the ripples of your thoughts
smoothing the sand of my shores
I’ll follow the throb of your heartbeat
the drum to which each story’s told
during the hours of twilight
just before nighttime unfolds

During the hours of darkness
the lacuna between dusk and dawn
I’ll follow you into Morpheus’ arms
be the secret garden for your dreams
I’ll follow the flow of your movements
an invisible guest by your side
during the hours of darkness
and during the hours of light

During the hours of darkness
and during the hours of light
I’ll follow you forever
each day and every night