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The poem itself was crafted using variations of traditional rhyming schemes and a metrical pattern which is very similar to Old English poetry. Songs of the Soul therefore mirrors musically, technically and emotionally the highs and lows of musical performance and the conflicts of creative angst.

"'Songs of the Soul' is a plunge into an ocean of emotional colors, and the alto sax player on this cut never misses opportunities to express the leaps in time, place, and images of a very intimately soft spoken piece. The contrast of covering epic flows of intensity with the soft spoken voice is very interesting. The sax absorbs and reflects the intensity of the words, aptly helping to unleash the power of Frances’ poetic narrative."
~ Michele Wilson-Morris for The Entertainment Bank

Songs of the Soul, written and recited by Frances Livings, features Zane Musa on tenor saxophone who is unique for blending middle Eastern melodies with intricate jazz improvisation.

Songs of the Soul

E0d9e00c4cec610fd0ecb395946f0916by Frances Livings09 Oct 2013

Exposed in the idle spotlight
awkward and unfashioned
almost uncongenial
bleak and inhospitable
transparent paper swaying
languidly waiting
lost, but no frustration
life, does it feel alien?

But then you strip down to the bone
start slashing at my flesh
emotions bluntly plundered
and torn out of my chest
as your songs of the soul
impatiently unfold
revealing dark obsessions
that violently evolve

Slave to your instrument
the bridge to each sentiment
the culprit of insanity?
or the medium of lucidity?
A lover lost in rapture
in haunting ecstasy
distilling good and evil
to disturbing melodies

That are darker than the darkest
side of a blood-shot moon
your notes a lake of indigo
spreading in the room

Longer than the longest
arab caravan
drying my insides
winding through the desert sands

And sweeter than the sweetest
mistresses’ delight
sugar dusted lokum
in the heat of a vibrant night

Oh and softer than the softest
warm summer‘s breeze
ling’ring in the shadows
of ancient cyprus trees

Steeper than the steepest
spiral stairway
as you climb to higher higher –
and your body folds in labour
bearing sighing melodies

Pain and passion synchronized
comprising unborn, old and wise
Songs of the soul
oh, in torment they are born