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“The ‘Maliciousness of Words’ provides the listener with a taste of just how powerfully impacting words can be, when chosen carefully and said with just the right tone, volume, and intent. I found this piece to be clever and the pianist brilliant in the choices of voicings and tonal colors.”

~ Michele Wilson-Morris, The Entertainment Bank

For 'The Maliciousness of Words' I chose the jazz pianist Brandon Coleman. It is Brandon’s humour and his ability to convey easiness that enabled him to fully compliment the piece which deals with the characteristics of individual words.

The Maliciousness of Words

E0d9e00c4cec610fd0ecb395946f0916by Frances Livings09 Oct 2013

Double phrases, single words
puns intended; metaphors
synonyms and silly rhymes
juggling words for a simple line…

Some words are peaceful
approach you on tip-toes
quietly knock then enter
the way a humble crowd
slowly fills and swamps a room
travelling the mind
drifting through the corridors
then queuing in a line
obediently waiting
for their harvest time

Then caught up in a scribble
entangled in a phrase
victim of a printout
when having to emerge again
some forgotten or dismissed
or purely filed away

Words can be so spiteful
narcissistic enemies
self-righteous teasers
a single word-parade
stuck in a heavy dictionary
on an unturned dusty page
flaunting their six syllables
an intricate masquerade
of stubborn little units
wanting poems custom-made

Yet triggering elation
a spectacular word-snatch!
but no! it’s an autistic word
not wanting a true match
a rigid little bastard
that sends you off the track

Other words are lyrical
their mirror is the song
their evening gown’s the muse
they are winged with tune
seducing to be beautifully
woven into verse
so tempting for a ballad
for lines that sound so nice
but super-model boring
prettiness – their vice

Captured by a feeling
and sketched superficially
they basically, put bluntly
feed off of the melody
lacking inspiration
pict’ring soppy memories

Some words are hilarious
a teasing nursery rhyme
try to calm the whole bunch down
it’s like tossing custard-pies
they won’t sit still and be serious
cause funny, is their degree
can’t settle for a neat, fine verse
and it ends in absurdity
in a brain-racking riddle
in a stupid potpourri

Double phrases, single words
puns intended; metaphors
synonyms and silly rhymes
juggling words for a simple line.