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This is my first poem ever, feed back would be helpful.


Pz-avatarby Dakota Foley03 Apr 2019

A wish is a strong & passionate desire-
That desire is fueled by hope;
Hope, hope that the wish becomes a reality-
I, have many wishes;
One wish, I desire far more than any other
My wish, is far greater in value than all the riches of Earth
It has no price, no sum amounts to an equal value of my wish
I, have many wishes;
But there is one wish I desire more than any other,
My wish, is to interlock our hands once more
My wish, is to be blessed with your company
I, have many wishes;
My one wish that I hold highest
My one wish that is dire
My wish is you
I wish to hold you & to look upon your rich, alluring eyes
I wish to love & care for you, until the end of time.