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We have all lost in love but the memories can still warm our hearts.

Remembered Happiness

Dul_11aby Dulcie Elaine Perfect30 Sep 2015

Where have those days gone?
That were filled with love and cheer.
Because you took the time
To show me that you cared.

Where have those days gone?
When your sweet ‘hello’,
Filled me with joy and hope,
Of a future together.

Where have those days gone?
When your smile lifted me,
Ten feet tall,
I felt like I was flying.

Today I sit alone,
Remembering a love that felt so sure.
Today I am feeling sad,
Because you are not mine anymore.

I sit alone with my mind,
Filled with remembered happiness.
Which soothes my aching heart,
Giving it hope
That one day,
I will find happiness again.

Dulcie Elaine Perfect