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Love for country or love of the heart which one is the greatest in your life?

Out of Africa

Dul_11aby Dulcie Elaine Perfect05 Mar 2015

Out of Africa I came,
To a cold distant land,
My happiness to find,
In the arms of a strange man.
The coldness turned to love,
The love grew and grew,
And I knew,
That I would never see Africa again.

I miss you Africa,
Your warmth and your wildness,
But in this cold land,
I’ve found a warmth, a wildness,
A woman can only find with a man.
So Africa I salute you,
I thank you for giving me life,
But I will never see you again.

I’ll always miss you Africa,
But I’ll have to say
My farewells to you forever.
Africa land of my youth,
My destiny it seems,
Is in this cold distant land,
With the man of my dreams.