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sometimes in life the only thing that keeps you moving forward is Faith

The Woman Within

Dul_11aby Dulcie Elaine Perfect01 Apr 2015

When the world seems to turn upside down,
And life gets rough and tough,
When all seems lost and nothing goes right,
The woman within me whispers in gentle tones,
Don’t despair! Help is near!
Dig deep into your heart,
Your faith will see you through.

It is faith that connects me to my Saviour,
It is faith that keeps me strong,
It is faith that helps me to carry on,
It is faith that holds me close to God.
The woman within always knows this,
That is way I have faith in her to lead me on.

No matter what life throws at me,
If I listen to the woman within,
I know that I will win.
Because the woman within never falters,
She knows that the Saviour loves me,
And she has faith in His Atonement,
And in His eternal love.