Night Out.

Pz-avatarby Galit Mor08 Jan 2021

A Spanish winter
One night in December
The streets filled with yesterday’s news
Nobody wants to remember.
We storm out of a theater
Into the loud
Into the crowd
The cigarette in your mouth
Drawing a faint cloud.
An old man packing goods
No one wanted to buy
The gypsy band is playing
Their last soft lullaby.
A peck of drunk youngsters
Lovers kissing on a broken slide.
We smile
We remember
We were once that wild.
A flamenco guitar is whipping
At the last bar left open
You rush inside to shout “dos whiskey”
Before the bell calls last order.
We talk
We smoke
We laugh at a stupid joke.
We stare
While we dance
As if there will be no other chance.
You trow your coat on my shoulder
And just before the night is over
You say you feel happy
You love me
or so you think
I laugh and
I remind you
You've had too much to drink.
It’s empty at the lilac park
The night crisp and dark
Your finger
on my back
Carving small hearts.
We sit to witness the magic
Of the sun opening its doors
Of the wild wind as it blows
Of us sitting so close.

An Israeli winter
One night in December
A mind filled with yesterday’s dreams
I don’t want to remember.