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this is a poem a wrote after hearing that a woman i know with 4 kids took her own life just the other day.

Scheme Life

Scheme_lifeby Scheme poet 03 Jul 2013

It seems like fae the schemes am the only writer/director doing it old team schooled me on shit 1st lesson learned down ma bit were drugs and depression seem to be the number one hit tac 4 tic out wit,

The media say ma peeps we aren't even trying media are lying the bull shit a ain't even buying it yet all ma people seem 2b dying another family crying Now you see why am so trying just surviving,

with insistence take this for an instance wi persistence listen to this a child hood in the slum wi ma sis life in the terrace seemed bliss am no talking this am talking about the mist so much potential another missed so much peer pressure persists 4 kids with out a mum think about this,

Seen a pretty girl from the age of eight even back then she would say shit straight mate respect left the bottle at the gate now she gone frustrate how much can one family take whats the pressure point for the break

is life just a film we all in rehearsal when cunt's make it we call it commercial a couldn't give a fuck as long as ma people think am special we hurt those that are close love is Se-metrical ma heart beat is electrical,

I've stepped on the film spot graduated from the school of hard knock tic toc time I've stopped every drug I've copped a remember back in the day it wasn't just white we chopped from the gutter straight 2 the top
block taught get got wither I like it or not scheme dream tears a drop.

Prayers not got close to me as a step down on my knees like God please tease there's a poison in the breeze where's the fucking money tree's worry's we got plenty of these
hoods and weaponry cunts be chasing key''s

Promised man a promised am just so honest 2b Honest some cunt kicked the hornets nest in jest god bless our mess fuck stress am a Social success.