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sitting looking out my window at the bleak gey buildings and this is what ran through my head,


Scheme_lifeby Scheme poet 12 Sep 2013

Sitting looking at ma window sill with ma window still
life's a canvas and am the stain looking through the window and feel the window pain. There he goes with another one of they scheme poems again.

Like a strong sedative am sick oh awe the fucking negative. It's getting repetitive cunts be acting like they celibate when they sell a bit down this bit cunts get lit quick u got to out wit any body you fuck with.

Trying 2 Inspire my desire but skidding like a tier this fucking life can make a grown man feel like he's on fire look at your own eyes in the mirror am I a lier?
Village idiot or the town crier for the rich its still hail sire.

History repeats its self and we all have our turns am writing possessed like Rabbie Burns as real as the come poetically politicly lyrically stunned fae a society thats shunned emotionally numb socially succumb.

Its just if they cant relate to our feel our pain we know things will never be the same again cause cunt's done gone and switched up the game livening life in the fast lane
away from the cocaine game morals still the same,

looking at my seed al do what ever it takes to succeed while smoking weed a can view society and see there greed
watch this social network feed with criminal thoughts creative needs criminal got's creative bleeds family home a bought they deeds taught self to read.

Recognise our plight in the dark of the night my fingers get to write written through fright out of mind out of sight a soap box am gonni give these cunts it tight
cause a see so much shit thats just no right.

Funerals were angels sing seen the richest folk do the poorest things for the sake of there soul and there wife's diamond rings. bad man do bad man tings