Edinburgh city

Scheme_lifeby Scheme poet 08 Oct 2013

Edinburgh yer the fucking heart of me
am in Edinburgh fucking fuck there ethnicity
Capital city were the other side oh the poster card
one thing hard some places 5.0 is barred some places drugs have scared.

Sipping on ma tonic wine remembering that last time when life seemed so fine wined & dined on a thousand lines wi one hundred lines.

Some say life is bad luck we say so fuck walk wi tat bad man ting tucked. Ducked when they see the 4x4 truck took a sip from the devils cup had enough living in the rough yes thats whats up,

Edinburgh a love ma fucking city mate were they cut you up straight seen a few chalk line wi police tape fuck death B the only escape

Edinburgh your sin city is fucking legendary
come & take the best of me plenty plain cloths CID follow thee
Edinburgh ye take the best out of me.

Edinburgh a fucking love you for dem things you do
like real life Grand theft auto YOLO is the Motto
theres a wideo robbing the grotto fuck you fuck sorrow
who gives a fuck if we awe die tomorrow we are only on time thats borrowed.

Edinburgh you are the breath of thee & want you fucking do to me
so scheme wi so much opportunely under so much scrutiny
wi so many shooting lately got an eye for the hater that hates thee,

Ma blood line runs deep still speak to scheme snipers on the creep Edinburgh a fucking love the way shits to deep sneak like deek.

Edinburgh your ma mucker fae the gutter taught me how not to stutter how to deal wi a nutter

Ma city is ma best fucking mucker for not raising sucker.